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palmpcr Ultra-Fast Mobile PCR System
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In marked contrast to the conventional thermal cycling, there is no temperature ramping in the Palm PCR device, thus not requiring the huge, hundreds of watts of electric power and cumbersome programming of many parameters typical in the conventional PCR machines.

Palm PCR device features three stages of specially structured heat blocks that are maintained at temperatures suitable for each of the three PCR steps, and the sample is circulated across the high- and low-temperature zones inside the sample tube. Ahram's proprietary Palm PCR technology enables accurate and robust control of the sample circulation for performing ultra-fast PCR amplification.

Palm PCR system is designed to perform high-speed and high-efficiency PCR amplification for 12 samples of 25 μL volume.

A protocol to perform a PCR reaction in the Palm PCR device can be programmed in a simple, convenient manner. It requires setting up only four control parameters: PCR speed, Annealing temperature, PCR time, and Preheat. Other control parameters such as melting and extension temperatures are automatically controlled by the operating software. Annealing temperature can be selected in the range from 52.0°C to 60.0°C.

In the Palm PCR device, speed of the thermal cycling is controlled by setting up the PCR speed level. Three PCR speed levels are available as the following:
speed: T1, T2 and T3

Selecting a PCR speed level makes the Palm PCR device perform PCR amplification in a pre-defined speed as listed in the Palm PCR Selection Chart. Dynamic range of the amplification depends on the PCR speed level. It is broader at a lower speed and narrower at a higher speed.